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Activists marched through the town of Telfs, Saturday to protest against the Bilderberg conference which is taking place at the nearby Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol. Around 140 Bilderbergs are meeting to discuss international concerns, which this year reportedly include Ukraine, Greece, terrorism, cyber security, and the US presidential election. The activists accuse the attendees of elitism and corruption, comparing them to the mafia on their protest signs. In order to join the talks Bilderberg participants have to observe strict confidentiality and no press conferences are held afterwards. This year's attendees include German Defence Minister Ursula van der Leyen, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg and UK Chancellor George Osborne, among representatives of numerous business and political elites. A 50km (31-mile) safety zone was created around the event and two checkpoints were set up to ensure the safety of the hotel guests. Additionally 2,100 officers from all over Austria are on call and 300 German police officers have also been instructed to assist, should an emergency situation arise.


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