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Сирия: Момиче на 8 може да тегли 450 кг с косата си

6 185 02.06.2016 Инфо

Eight-year-old Joudi Ismaiel Aoud succeeded in pulling two motorbikes for 50 metres (164 feet) using just her hair, in a sports event organised by the Damascus Al-Nidal sports club, in the Syrian capital, Thursday.
Footage shows Aoud's father Adnan Ismaiel preparing his daughter for the stunt by tying a metallic hook into her hair, before the 8-year-old pulls the two Chinese motorbikes.
The girl's father explained her daughter's impressive powers, stating that "since my daughter was six years old, I noticed that she was exceptionally strong so we started training together pulling 50 then 100 kilograms, all the way to 450 kilograms. As you saw today she pulled two Chinese made motorbikes for fifty meters."