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Violence erupted between Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and Palestinians, resulting in several protesters being severely injured, after hundreds of people marched to the north of the Gaza Strip at a security checkpoint near Erez, Tuesday. The demonstrators were protesting against what they see as Israel’s crimes against Palestinians in Jerusalem and the West Bank over the last week, after IDF troops killed several protesters. The rally was organised by the Al Jabha Movement. The protesters held Palestinian flags as well as knives, axes and Molotov cocktails. Many injuries among protesters were reported as a result of the clashes, with the hospitalisation of at least two men. Tensions continue to mount in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories with ongoing violence and reprisals, initially stemming from weeks of clashes over the al-Aqsa Mosque compound in east Jerusalem, as well as the construction of illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank. According to the Palestinian Health Ministry, Monday, 25 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli security forces since October 3, with more than 1,300 left injured.


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