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This brings new meaning to the phrase "hot ketchup."
Daniel Korell, a ketchup lover in Germany, decided to try using a QR code that was on the back of his Heinz Hot (as in "spicy" hot) Ketchup bottle. To his surprise, he found that the code lead his browser to a porn site.
Korell wrote to the company on Facebook, saying that their product was "probably not for minors." According to his post, he tried the code on several different phones and even wrote in the website's URL manually — all to the same result.
Heinz apologized for the code in the comments, but noted that Korell's bottle was a "remnant" of a previous campaign. Apparently, Heinz discontinued their ownership of the web address after that particular campaign ended in 2014.
And if you leave a web address alone for too long, it will end up as porn. That is the rule of the Internet.



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