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At least two people were killed and five injured in a suicide bombing near Karnak Temple in Luxor, Egypt, Wednesday morning. The explosion took place after three men in a car tried to storm the access area of Karnak Temple. They were stopped by the security officials guarding the place, who confronted them. Two of the attackers left the car and shot at security forces, while the third one managed to blow himself up. According to police officials, the suicide bomber and one of the other two assailants were killed, while the third remains critically injured. According to Egypt's Health Ministry, two civilians and two policemen were also injured. Reports are conflicting, but there is no confirmation of wounded tourists so far. No armed group or party has yet claimed responsibility. This is the second attack in around a week targeting tourist sites in Egypt. Last Wednesday, two police officers were shot dead near the pyramids of Giza, one of Egypt’s most oft-visited tourist attractions. It is also the first deadly attack in Luxor since 1997, when 62 people, mainly international tourists, we killed by gunmen.


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