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A fourteen-year-old girl originally from Jharkhand was found inside a cupboard in a businessman's home in Gurgaon, around 30km (18.5mi) south-west of Delhi on Wednesday, with severe injuries on her face and body that indicate she may have been tortured. The businessman, identified as Sagar Jain by local media, and his wife were both detained by police. The teenager, now in hospital after being taken to the local police station, has alleged that she was beaten, sometimes until she was unconscious, and starved by her ‘employers.’ The police say the girl arrived in Gurgaon from Jharkhand around 12 months before after her uncle reportedly handed her over to the couple. The NGO Shakti Vahini facilitated her rescue after calls were made to a helpline. The organisation says that they attempted to pick her up prior to the successful operation but failed as they could not locate the teenager inside the dwelling. On their second attempt, they discovered her in the closet.


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