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Tunisia: Exit poll puts independent presidential candidate Kais Saied in the lead

2 16.09.2019 Инфо

M/S Independent candidate Kais Saied moving amongst supporters, Tunis
W/S Saied and supporters walking down stairs
M/S Saied embracing supporter
W/S Building
M/S Saied embracing supporter
W/S Vehicle driving away
SOT, Local (Arabic): "As I said, we believed in Kais's chances, we stood with him until the end, we were almost sure to reach the final rounds, of course it's so difficult to be ahead but thank god the Tunisian people has a great level of conscious, that's why we reached the last round."
M/S Placard with image of Kais Saied
SOT, Ghazi Said, Volunteer (Arabic): "My name is Ghazi Said, I'm volunteer with Mr Kais Saied, he brought new projects and new ideas and we liked them, his program is totally different from what other parties have presented especially those who failed during the transitional period after the revolution. Mr Kais has presented a project from youth Tunisians, the project is based on the slogan of 'People Want' what does it mean? It means that he's giving support for the youth so they could achieve what they want."
W/S Person holding placard with image of Kais Said
A Tunisian polling firm reportedly put outsider and independent Tunisian presidential candidate Kais Saied in the lead on Sunday, after the fist round of voting in the country's presidential election.
Footage filmed on Sunday shows Saied embracing his supporters in the Tunisian capital of Tunis.
Official preliminary results are expected to be published on Tuesday, after which the top two candidates will move forward to a second round of voting expected by October 13.
Sunday's Presidential elections are the second to take place since the Jasmine revolution in 2010-2011 which saw president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali removed from office.