Aston Martin CEO Envisions a Hybrid Future For His Company

James Bond's next Aston Martin may one day be a hybrid.
Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer recently outlined the possibility for future hybrid models to Autocar at the 2015 Nürburgring 24 Hour race, a major endurance race held at the legendary race course in Nürburg, Germany last month.
Palmer said, “As time evolves, there’s probably an inevitability to hybridization, simply because, car by car, you can only downsize so much. I’d rather put a hybrid in there than an in-line four-cylinder."
The need for greater fuel economy and lower emissions puts incredible strain on a low-volume, independent automaker like Aston Martin. The company has been in deep trouble financially for a number of years, and as Palmer noted, selling only 7,000 cars a year isn't very sustainable.