How Nancy Pelosi Broke With Obama

By Friday morning, it was clear that a crucial piece of Barack Obama’s trade initiative was barreling toward defeat. Democrats knew that they – not Republicans – would shoulder much of the blame for killing the president’s top legislative priority.
So just before noon, with debate already underway on the House floor, Pelosi picked up the phone and called Boehner to inform him that a must-pass component of the White House trade package was going to fail. It was the second such warning from Pelosi to Boehner in two days. Pelosi asked Boehner if he would pull the bill to which Boehner replied he wouldn't. He told pelosi this was his best chance to push fast-track trade authority across his unpredictable House floor.Hours later, the House resoundingly defeated Trade Adjustment Assistance, a federal aid program to help workers who lose their jobs to free trade.