UN: Political stability needed in Middle East to solve refugee crisis - Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed the ongoing refugee crisis during his address at the United Nations General Assembly in New York City, Monday. Putin stated that the only solution to the refugee crisis is to restore the statehood in those countries where it was destroyed. "We hope that the international community will be able to create a comprehensive strategy of political stabilisation as well as social and economic recovery of the Middle East. Then, dear friends, there will be no need to build refugee camps," Putin stated "I want to stress that refugees undoubtedly need our compassion and support. However, the only way to solve this problem is to restore the statehood in those countries where it was destroyed, to strengthen the governments, where they still exist or are being restored, by providing comprehensive military, economic and financial assistance to countries that are in difficult situation," the Russian president added. "I think it is very important to help to restore the government structures in Libya, to support the new government in Iraq, to assist comprehensively the official government in Syria," Putin concluded.