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A Kosovo lawmaker released several tear gas canisters during a session of parliament in Pristina, Thursday, the second such stunt in seven days. Legislators and the press were forced to leave the parliament chamber as tear gas billowed and filled the room. The protest comes as opposition MPs dispute an EU-brokered agreement with Serbia to grant a greater degree of autonomy to ethnic Serb areas of Kosovo, a proposal they say threatens the nascent independence of the country. Opposition MPs have vowed to continue their disruption of parliament until the deal, and another clarifying Kosovo's border with western neighbour Montenegro, are rescinded. On October 8 the leader of the far-right 'Vetëvendosje' ('Self-determination') party, Albin Kurti, threw a tear-gas grenade in parliament as members gathered for a parliamentary session. The session was immediately cancelled. At least four ambulances were seen outside parliament offering first aid to those affected by the incident. Two female lawmakers were reportedly taken to hospital.


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