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Iran: Petrol stations and banks set ablaze as fuel price protests continue

2 281 17.11.2019 Инфо

W/S Gutted remains of bank set on fire by petrol price protesters, Tehran
M/S Debris
M/S Man assessing damages
W/S Bank damaged during riots
C/U Bank sign
M/S Man walks past bank
C/S Shattered glass on sidewalk
M/S Cash machines
C/U Damaged screen of cash machine
M/S Damages inside bank
SOT, Resident (Farsi): "This way of protesting is absolutely wrong as it is damaging the House of Wealth [Bayt-al-mal] and it is destroying public property and precisely our property. And it is the people who are paying its price."
W/S Burnt petrol station
C/U Petrol station sign
M/S Damaged petrol pumps
W/S Burned petrol station
M/S Damaged property at petrol station
M/S Damaged petrol pump
M/S Damages at petrol station
C/U Damages at petrol station
M/S Shattered glass
C/U Damaged control panel
M/S Damages inside petrol station office
W/S Burnt petrol station, Tehran
M/S Two men chatting outside station
SOT, Resident (Farsi): "They came here with stones and sticks and destroyed all these cameras and everything and set fire to them. In my view, they were not people but they were hooligans, as a logical person would never do it."
W/S Damaged petrol station
Dozens of banks and shops were reportedly looted or set ablaze in Iran's capital Tehran over the past weekend, as protesters reacted angrily to the recent announcement of a rise in petrol prices.
Footage filmed on Sunday shows a bank destroyed by fire and trashed petrol stations, with debris and shattered glass.
Demonstrations were held all across the country and turned violent since Friday, with demonstrators damaging public property and police forces firing tear gas. According to reports from human rights organisations, at least 10 people were killed during the riots.
Widespread protests across the country were triggered by Iran's National Oil Company's (NIOPDC) announcement of at least a 50 percent increase in gas prices, earlier on Thursday.