Nicholas Hoult Gushes Over Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron

Add Nicholas Hoult to the long list of celebrity Kristen Stewart fans. The two co-star in the upcoming drama Equals. While helping to unveil the new Jaguar XE at South by Southwest over the weekend, Hoult told E!, "She's so talented. I really can't speak highly enough about her. She's a talented, lovely and a wonderful girl…She's just got such a smart approach to her work and she's a real artist." Hoult also has not one, but two movies coming up with Charlize Theron. After the they shot Mad Max: Fury Road, the Oscar winner asked that Hoult join the cast for the thriller Dark Places. Hoult said of Theron, "She's a brilliant lady to watch work and be around. And she also has a good sense of humor, so she takes my jokes and gives them back to me."