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Grab 'a bite of Piranha' ramen in Tokyo's Ninja Cafe!

3 23.09.2019 Инфо

W/S Facade of Ninja Cafe Asakusa, Tokyo
M/S Chef preparing Piranha ramen
SOT, Tomoyuki Yano, CEO and founder of Holiday Jack events company: "For four days we prepare about 2,000 piranhas, about 300 kilograms."
C/U Chef frying Piranha
M/S Chef taking out noodles from boiling water
C/U Chef placing fired piranha in bowl
SOT, Tomoyuki Yano, CEO and founder of Holiday Jack events company: "So from Amazon river, we bring [it] to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, then to the United States, and then go to Japan, that's why this is really a long way, and this piranhas, 1 kilogram [cost] about 10,000 Japanese yen (93 US dollars), that's why it is a really really expensive fish in Japan, right now."
C/U Chef decorating dish
M/S Customers eating ramen
SOT, Kanako Tomohiro, Customer (Japanese): "The taste of piranha is very light, not strong, easy to eat like other white fish like sea bream."
C/U Piranha ramen *CUTAWAY*
SOT, Kanako Tomohiro, Customer (Japanese): "I thought there could be no flesh to eat because of so many fish bones, but actually it is quite easy to remove the flesh from the bone. It tasted like a white fish, easy to eat, like sea bream."
C/U Man eating piranha ramen
C/U Fried Piranha
M/S Fish bones
C/U Hand opening up Piranha's mouth to show its teeth
M/S Customers eating ramen
C/U Customer eating ramen
M/S Customers eating ramen
C/U Man removing flesh from fish bones using chopsticks
SOT, Aya Nambu, Customer (Japanese): "Before, I thought it could not be tasty but when I tried it, it is actually easy to eat, I ate all the ramen very fast. It was delicious."
C/U Woman taking photo of dish on cellphone
M/S Customers eating ramen inside Ninja Cafe Asakusa
A Japanese cafe in Tokyo is serving the world's first-ever Piranha Ramen to their patrons for a limited time, footage released on Monday shows.
Ramen lovers paid 3,000 yen ($28,20) for a bowl of piranha-broth noodles. Those willing to get their jaws around a whole piranha paid an additional 2,500 yen ($23,20 US dollars).
The taste of the specialty, just brought from the Amazon river, was very light according to customers.
What had started as an April's Fools' Day prank by the Holiday Jack Events Company turned out to be such a hit with ramen lovers, the events company ended up importing a 300-kilogram shipment of the predator from Brazil just to satisfy the hungry foodies.
The Ninja Cafe will only serve 1,000 bowls of the special noodles for only four days in September.