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FIFA president Sepp Blatter may be suspended for 90 days from the football association following a FIFA Ethics Committee recommendation made on Wednesday, in Zurich. The final decision on the proposed suspension is reportedly to be ratified by the adjudicatory chamber of the Ethics Committee, led by German judge Hans-Joachim Eckert after. Members of the press were seen gathering outside the FIFA headquarters in Zurich on Thursday. Blatter's lawyer Rob Harris stated on his Facebook page that "President Blatter has not been notified of any action taken by the FIFA Ethics Committee." He added, "we would expect that the Ethics Committee would want to hear from the President and his counsel, and conduct a thorough review of the evidence, before making any recommendation to take disciplinary action." Blatter is currently under criminal investigation by Swiss prosecutors over a 2005 sale of television rights and a 2011 payment of two million Swiss francs ($2.10 million, €1.80 million) to UEFA President Michel Platini. Both Blatter and Platini denied any wrongdoing. According to Ethics Committee members, the discussion over Blatter's case is expected to last until Friday in Zurich.


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