USA: Free Donald Trump tattoos offered by New Hampshire studio

Tattoo artist Bob Holmes announced that he will give free Donald Trump tattoos to anyone who wants to support the Republican presidential hopeful at Clay Dragon Tattoo studio in Seabrook, New Hampshire, Wednesday.
Holmes claimed he has already done about 26 tattoos, ranging from Donald Trump's portrait to his election slogan "Make America Great Again", and that demand continues to increase. "I'm booked for a couple of weeks out but I'm trying to fit people in. Every time my regular customers call up and cancel, I'm trying to fit in another Donald Trump," Holmes said, adding that he "just trying... to show at least a little support."
One of the studio customers said that "you are not a Trump supporter if you don't jump in the chair and get a tattoo."
The business mogul is currently campaigning around Arkansas in the lead up to the New Hampshire primary next week after coming second place in the Republican Iowa caucuses to Texan senator Ted Cruz on Monday.