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Thousands of people gathered in the centre of Chisinau near the Moldovan Parliament building, Thursday, as part of a protest calling for the resignation of several senior members of the current Moldovan government. Tension raised as protesters faced the anti riot police blocking their way. The protest was called by the opposition Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova (PSRM), together with representatives of the 'Our Party' political group, including chairman Renato Usatii. The opposition has accused the government and judiciary of corruption and is calling for early elections to take place. Protesters have vowed to indefinitely block roads in the capital city if authorities continue to ignore their demands, with a protest camp being formed in the centre of Chisinau by activists. Moldova has witnessed a summer of protests after allegations of major banking fraud rocked the government last year. In November 2014 the Moldovan state was forced to bail out three banks after they lost $1.5 billion (€1.35 billion) in total. Protesters are calling for criminal charges to be brought against those responsible.


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