WRT Новини ден 3 - Спечелени 48.387

We are excited to welcome WRT!
◾️World of Retail is an ecosystem built around a person for the consumption of goods and services in everyday life with a blockchain-based bonus system.
◾️WRT is a bonus token you can purchase goods and services with and receive privileges in the World of Retail partner stores.
◾️WRT is paired against USDT. Get ready for Bounty, SMART Staking plans, and an AMA session.
Trade fee-free for 1 week!

Чакахте този ден - той най - накрая дойде
Обявяваме официалното откриване на търговете с Бонус-токена WRT на борсата: https://whitebit.com/referral/7030463d-1627-4db1-9cf3-498ab2c6e0e5
Важно❗️ Трансферът към борсата се извършва само от портфейла https://www.vankog.com/wrt-wallet
Участвайте в търговете, умножавайте доходите си и растете заедно с нас.

WRToken: https://www.vankog.com/wrtoken