Closing Days for Supreme Court Session Lead to Story Time

In the closing days of the U.S. Supreme Court's annual session, justices' commonly recite their decisions with a suspenseful tale.
These orations offer insight into what a justice thinks is most important in a decision.
When Justice Elena Kagan announced the decision in a patent case on Monday, she said it tested a 50-year-old court ruling.
Kagan then paused and said in her steady Manhattan-tinged voice, "It's a story that happens to begin with Spider-Man."
She told the packed courtroom how inventor Stephen Kimble had obtained a patent on a toy that shot off pressurized foam string that looked like webs.
In the end, Kagan said, the court stuck to precedent, which said royalty payments need not be made after a patent has expired which meant Kimble could not claim royalties from Walt Disney Co's Marvel Entertainment.