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USA: 'Game over' - Thurman to Pacman

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W/S Manny Pacquiao entering, Las Vegas
M/S Woman with flag of the Philippines
M/S Pacquiao entering stage
SOT, Manny Pacquiao, Filipino boxer and senator: "I would like to invite everyone to come and watch the live fight. It's going to be a good fight, more action in the ring and to all the fans all over the world, especially the Filipino people, thank you so much for all your support and prayers. God bless you."
W/S Press
M/S Pacquiao posing
M/S Press
W/S American boxer Keith Thurman entering stage
SOT, Keith Thurman, American boxer: "It's game over, baby. I just showed up, it's game over. It's game over - read the back. Do you want to continue? The answer is no. There is no continuation after this, baby. It's Keith 'One Time' Thurman, man. I'm the real deal and Manny Pacquiao, he's going to feel it. I'm not Adrian Broner, I'm not Lucas Matthysse. I'm undefeated for a reason. I understand that he's a legend for a reason. But is his legacy greater than me? I don't think so."
M/S Thurman posing *JUMP CUT AT SOURCE*
SOT, Keith Thurman, American boxer: "Man, I'm just trying to live my American dream. I step in the ring wearing red, white and blue. I am always grateful for the opportunities and the gifts that God has given me in this lifetime, man. And just fighting a legend like Manny Pacquiao, is just, right now, the greatest moment that I've ever had. So Saturday night, I'm going to live the moment to the fullest and I'm going to be victorious."
M/S Press taking photos
Keith Thurman wore a t-shirt emblazoned with the words 'Game over' sending a clear message to Philippine legend Manny Pacquiao when they appeared at a promotional event at Las Vegas's MGM Grand Garden Arena on Tuesday.
On the back, it read, "Continue? Yes or no," with a cursor hovering next to the no.
The fashion choice of Thurman (29-0, 22KOs) had echoes of early video games, but Saturday night's title bout is no child's play.
Pacquiao (61-7-2, 39 KOs) is coming off the back of two impressive wins against Adrien Broner and Lucas Matthysse. However, the 40-year-old Philippines senator, who goes by the nickname Pacman, will have to up his game against the undefeated American.
The only eight-division world champion in the history of boxing is defending his WBA welterweight title.