Van Gogh Work Fetches Over $66 Million at New York Auction

A big price tag for a Van Gogh. The painting called "The Allee of Alyscamps" (Say: Allay of Alliscomp) was created by Van Gogh while he briefly working side by side with his friend Paul Gauguin in the south of France in 1888. It brought in $66.3 million dollars at auction Tuesday.
It was offered at Sotheby's impressionist and modern art sale. The autumnal scene was painted during a two-month period when van Gogh and Gauguin worked together in Arles, France. Sotheby's said the painting, had a presale estimate of more than $40 million, snf was sold to an Asian private collector, The auction record for a van Gogh is $82.5 million.