Wounded Pizza Delivery Driver Fills Order At Hospital After Being Stabbed

A Louisville, Kentucky, college student who was stabbed while delivering a pizza to a local hospital has forgiven his attacker.
The 19-year-old Josh Lewis, a sophomore at Boyce College at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, was accosted in his Jeep and stabbed in the back as he was making a delivery Sunday to Norton Hospital.
The assailant made off with his Jeep — and the pizza that was inside it.
Lewis stumbled into the hospital's emergency room and collapsed.
Willow Rouben, his manager, told NBC station WAVE of Louisville, he called the pizzeria and arranged for a new pizza to be delivered to the hospital while being treated.
Lewis was later transported to University of Louisville Hospital, where he was treated for a collapsed lung and a punctured liver.
He was released Wednesday.