Tony Abbott Isn't as Popular as Malcolm Turnbull

The people have decided. According to two charity auctions currently underway, a dinner with Australia's Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull is more enticing than dinner with Australia's Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Move over Newspoll, a new form of polling is in town. Bidders on eBay have been offered the chance to win a breakfast with Abbott at his iconic Sydney residence, Kirribilli House, while Turnbull is offering to show a lucky winner his MasterChef skills in his Canberra home. There have long been rumours swirling through the halls of Parliament that a knifing of the Prime Minister by Turnbull may be on the cards. In February, the leadership chatter culminated in a vote to decide whether the leader's position should be declared vacant. During the height of speculation, Turnbull remained coy and dropped controversial remarks here and there — stirring the pot ever so slightly.