Facebook Hopes You'll Actually Click On Ads In Your Newsfeed Someday

Facebook is winning at serving you lots of colorful, blaring ads every time you check your newsfeed on your smartphone.
The social network now pulls in nearly three quarters of its revenue from smartphone and tablet ads, and nearly half a billion of its users log in exclusively from phones and tablets.
Now the company is placing big bets on doing even more mobile ads. On Tuesday, Facebook product head Chris Cox unveiled a new vision for mobile ad formats at the annual week-long Cannes advertising festival in southern France. Instead of a click-through link, the product will house the advertiser's content directly on its site — not unlike the Instant Articles that Facebook rolled out earlier this year. Users will be able to navigate through full-screen photos, videos and copy. In some cases, users can even tilt their phones for a 360-degree view of a product — all the while never straying from their newsfeed.