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German Chancellor Angela Merkel defended her policies towards refugees, speaking at a Christian Democrats (CDU) event in Wuppertal, Thursday. Slamming Hungary's fence building strategy as well as demands by various German and European politicians to fortify Europe's borders, Merkel said "Fences and borders around Germany will not help us. Fences and borders and Europe without cooperation with our neighbours won't help." Merkel went on to comment on Syria saying the crisis there can no longer be neglected. "We can't keep saying 'No, no. globalisation is beautiful. As long as German companies can make business in other countries, it's a good thing. But when we get the results from such horrible civil wars, it's not our business,' the German leader argued adding that it is upon Germany and Europe to deal with the refugee crisis. However, the chancellor pointed out that refugees are not in the position to choose, which country within the EU they will be directed to.


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