Prankster Showers FIFA President Sepp Blatter With Fake Cash

Memo to self: Never take FIFA President Sepp Blatter to a strip club as he is obviously not a fan of making it rain. The outgoing exec held his first press conference in Zurich this morning since he announced last month he would be leaving his post as the top dog in charge of soccer's largest governing body amid a growing corruption scandal, where one of the topics of discussion was setting a date for a new FIFA presidential election. Tweeting a joke that he was on his way to the FIFA executive meeting to secure the 2026 World Cup for North Korea, comedian Simon Brodkin, also known as Lee Nelson, ran up to the stage where Blatter was sitting and showered him with a big wad of fake cash. A clearly upset Blatter then got up from the stage and walked to another podium and said, "We need to clean here first. This is nothing to do with football."