'Eloise' Doc Director, Star Hilary Knight Reveal How Lena Dunham Ended Up Appearing In Film

Lena Dunham isn't just one of the executive producers of HBO's short documentary about Eloise illustrator Hilary Knight, she also appears in the film. In It's Me, Hilary: The Man Who Drew Eloise, which airs Monday night on HBO, Dunham talks about what the book series about the six-year-old girl who lives at the Plaza meant to her, shows off her Eloise tattoo and explains how she and Knight met, with the latter sending her a letter after discovering that she had a tattoo of one of his most famous characters. She's also shown interacting with Knight, including putting on a sparkly blond wig, which she says makes her feel "very Eloise-y," talking to him about his career, observing his new creative endeavors and taking viewers on a tour of his home.