Christian 'rapid Response' Team Comes to Ferguson

The city of Ferguson once more came back into the news.
Last week, a police shooting left two officers injured and, soon after, protesters and journalists began to gather in front of the city's police department as they had before.
But this time demonstrators and reporters were joined by a third group on South Florissant Road: Evangelical Christians.
On Saturday night, a half a dozen friendly, clean-cut men and women could be seen milling around in the police station parking lot, dressed in matching blue button up shirts, spelling out: Billy Graham Rapid Response.
When a police officer shot and killed Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager, here in August, Ferguson erupted in protests. The shooting also sparked a nationwide debate about rights, race and police brutality. The announcement by authorities in November that the police officer, Darren Wilson, wouldn't be charged in the shooting death of Brown, only further fueled demonstrations across the country.