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UK: Liverpool fans react after showdown with Manchester Utd ends in draw

0 21.10.2019 Инфо

W/S Fans watching match, Liverpool
C/U Fan watching match
M/S Fans talking
M/S Fans looking nervous
M/S Liverpool fans protesting against foul leading up to Manchester United's goal
M/S Fans after Manchester United's goal
W/S Liverpool fans celebrating goal
M/S Fans discovering disallowed goal after VAR [Video Assisted Referee] decision
W/S Fans celebrating Liverpool's goal
M/S Fans celebrating Liverpool's goal
SOT, Liverpool fan: "I think that Liverpool did a quite good game the last ten minutes, otherwise it's not like what I used to see with Liverpool, but I think they managed to go all the way through and being number one at end of the season anyway. So the last ten minutes I think it was very good."
C/U Liverpool Alexander-Arnold shirt *CUTAWAY*
SOT, Liverpool fan: "Yeah it was a good game, but it wasn't enough in the first forty-five, we had a good pressure but not enough and then the last forty-five, we had a couple of good subs in but they weren't finishing like we needed them too Oxlade-Chamberlain had one right beside the net it was just not close enough. We could have had that win but it was just good enough for a tie, I won't say no to that."
C/U Liverpool FC Virgil shirt *CUTAWAY*
SOT, Liverpool fan: "It's a very tough take, I thought the VAR [Video Assistant Referee] was just bizarre. Like you saw he was hitting the calf like it just wasn't fair on us. But, Klopp [Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp] turned it around in the last five minutes and it did work eventually. Henderson was very poor, Robinson and Trent I thought were very poor, the delivery very bad. But, overall I think it was even at the very end. On to the next game I guess."
C/U Camp and Furnace venue sign
Liverpool Football Club fans reacted to their team's 1-1 draw against fierce rival Manchester United after watching the game in their club's hometown of Liverpool on Sunday.
"I think that Liverpool did a quite good game the last ten minutes, otherwise it's not like what I used to see with Liverpool," one fan said.
Another fan commented that the performance of Liverpool players Henderson, Robinson, and Trent was "very poor."
Manchester led the game in the first half with a controversial goal by forward Marcus Rashford which some fans claim should have been disallowed. Liverpool evened the odds in the second half with a goal by Adam Lallana.