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Bolivia: Anger over disputed election result

2 23.10.2019 Инфо

W/S Opposition demonstration over Sunday's disputed election, La Paz
W/S Line of protesters in front of tear gas
W/S Fire burning in park
W/S Protesters fleeing
W/S Protesters kicking tear gas canisters
M/S Protesters shouting anti-government slogans
W/S Protesters fleeing police motorbikes
W/S Police motorbikes driving through crowd
W/S Protesters kicking tear gas canisters
W/S Riot police in park
M/S Riot police attack and try to arrest protesters
M/S Police pepper spray fleeing protesters
W/S Riot police in street, officers fires canister
W/S Protesters throwing stones at police
W/S Riot police advancing down street
Violent protests erupted in La Paz on Tuesday night over the disputed result of Sunday's presidential election.
Demonstrators clashed with police, who responded with tear gas and pepper spray.
Opposition supporters suspect foul play from the incumbent, Evo Morales, after the preliminary count was halted with over 80 per cent of the votes verified.
At that moment, it looked as if there would be a run-off, with Morales failing to secure an outright majority or hold a 10 per cent lead over his main rival Carlos Mesa.
However, the quick count was stopped for 24 hours, after which the Bolivian president had secured victory.
The opposition candidate quickly declared the results fraudulent in a speech to supporters.