Russia: Three militants killed in shootout with special forces in Dagestan - NAK

Three militants were killed in a firefight with Russian special forces in the Dagestan town of Gubden, Wednesday, according to a statement by the National Counterterrorism Committee (NAK).
The group leader Abubakar Udziev was reportedly killed after he had opened fire on the officers. Two other militants were killed after security forces surrounded a house in Gubden and ordered those inside to lay down their arms. Grenades, automatic weapons and ammunition were found during a search of the premises.
Udziev went into hiding in 2012 following his alleged involvement in orchestrating attacks on a Defence Ministry column in 2013 and killing a Gubden resident in August 2016.
The incident is the fourth deadly confrontation between Russian special forces and militants this month. On October 2, two militants were killed in southern Dagestan; three militants lost their lives in Ingushetia on October 7, and three more were killed in Suleiman Stalsky on October 10.