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At least thirty protesters gathered in front of the Time Warner Building at the Columbus Circle in New York, Saturday, to protest against US Imperialism, the influence of US media on the public and government and the war interests of Wall Street and corporations. Protesters were holding placards and chanting between listening to speeches. Slogans such as "CNN promotes U.S. war in Ukraine, Donbass children die" could be seen on placards. The protest was organised by the International Action Center, an activist group who oppose US wars abroad and rally against racism and the economic exploitation of workers in America. International Action Center Co-Director, Sara Flounders said that she believes that "US power is actually expanding and all of these wars are about expanding US power." She also expressed concern about the expansion of NATO, calling it a "crime in itself." Fight Imperialism Stand Together (FIST) activist, Nick Maniace argued that the US government is helped to "demonize" their Russian counterparts by organisations such as CNN, Fox and the New York Times. "They are on it right away to demonize Russia," he added.


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