New York Inmate Explored Tunnels Under Prison for Months Before Escape

A convicted murderer who broke out of a maximum security prison in New York spent months exploring tunnels and pipes underneath the facility before using them to escape with another inmate, the New York Times reported.
David Sweat, 35, and Richard Matt, 49, escaped from the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, N.Y., on June 6 after they cut through their cell walls, carved a hole in a steam pipe and made their way to a manhole cover outside the grounds.
After an extensive manhunt, Matt was shot and killed by a federal agent on June 26 about 27 miles away from the prison. Sweat was shot and apprehended two days later.
The men's escape from the maximum security prison, the likes of which are extremely rare in the United States, has prompted an investigation by the state's inspector general, who has the authority to seize documents and question witnesses.