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Протестът срещу Виктор Орбан в Будапеща

42 772 15.04.2018 Инфо

Tens of thousands of people rallied in Budapest, Saturday, against the re-elected government of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.
Protesters took to the streets of the Hungarian capital against what they claimed to be an unfair electoral system, which enabled Orban to achieve a landslide victory in the country's general election.
The demonstration, one of the largest that Hungary has seen in recent years, came after Orban's conservative-nationalist party Fidesz secured the largest share of votes in the general election, paving the way for Orban's third term in office.
The organisers of the demonstration called for a recount of all ballots, a new election law and a better cooperation among parties opposed to the Fidesz government.