Why Can't We Quit You, The Bachelorette? Nick Viall Has Arrived To Make Everything Worse

Quick question for the Bachelor-watching masses: Who could have possibly watched Andi Dorfman's season, looked at whiny, annoying, sex-shaming Nick Viall and gone, "Yeah, I'd hit that?"
Basically what we're getting at here is that Kaitlyn Bristowe might be certifiably insane. Sure, we can all joke/be very truthful about the fact that anyone who has ever been on this show has to be at least a little bit nuts, but this is beyond just being on the show. This is about a complete inability to learn from the past and very obvious mistakes of other people.
Even Andi Dorfman herself weighed in on Twitter, saying, "One word… RUN! Okay two… RUN FAST!"