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USA: NYC celebrates Italian-American culture in 75th Columbus Day parade

1 15.10.2019 Инфо

M/S Marching band, New York City
W/S Marching band
M/S Women dancing
M/S Paraders in boat
M/S Spectator showing thumbs up
M/S Paraders with US and Italian flags
M/S Paraders on vehicle reading: "Business banking made easy"
M/S Cheerleaders
W/S Confetti flying on road
M/S Spectator filming parade
W/S Car with children waving Italian flags
W/S Parade
M/S Children waving Italian flags
M/S Person waving Italian flag
W/S Paraders with banner and Italian flags
W/S Paraders with banner and flags
M/S Marching band
SOT, Parader: "We always had the pride that he (Christopher Columbus) discovered America. And they want to take that away from us. But it's not going to happen."
M/S Parade
W/S Parade
M/S Man holding sign: "Make Donald Trump gay again"
M/S People on vehicle waving Italian flags
M/S Bagpipers
M/S Police on motorbikes
Thousands gathered in the streets of New York City for the 75th annual Columbus Day parade on Monday, celebrating Christopher Columbus' discovery of the Americas and Italian-American culture in general.
Participants were seen dancing and waving Italian flags as marching bands and various floats were parading in the streets of the Big Apple.
Columbus Day, widely celebrated across North and South America, marks the day Christopher Columbus arrived in present-day Bahamas or Turks and Caicos on October 12, 1492. The holiday has become the target of increasing criticism in recent years due to Columbus' and other Europeans actions against indigenous populations.