Confederate Flag Debate Nears Decisive Vote in South Carolina

The campaign to remove the Confederate battle flag from South Carolina's capitol grounds dragged on into the night in a marathon session on Wednesday as the House of Representatives debated the banner symbolizing slavery and racism for many and Southern heritage for others.
Tempers began to fray as the debate moved into its 12th hour as Republicans launched dozens of amendments seeking to soften the impact of a proposed law to take down the flag and move it to a museum.
The state Senate first took up the bill on Monday less than three weeks after nine black worshippers were gunned down on June 17 during a Bible study at a historically black church in Charleston.
The battle over the banner was stoked by photos of the accused shooter posing with a Confederate flag on a website bearing a racist manifesto.
The murders sparked a bipartisan wave of repudiation across the South, from politicians to businesses, led by South Carolina's Republican Governor Nikki Haley.