Moldova: Protesters tell oligarch Plahotniuc that 'jail is his home'

Protesters rallied in front the business centre of Moldovan oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc in Chisinau, Tuesday, to remind him that 'jail is is home.' Protesters are also calling for state institutions to be de-politicised and ministers involved in corruption to resign. The rally is one of many protests to occur in the country this summer after this round of action began on September 6. On April 5, tens of thousands of people came to the Moldovan capital to demonstrate against perceived judicial corruption. A larger rally occurred on May 3, when 50,000 marched through Chisinau calling for the government to implement reforms which would bring the country closer to the EU. Later in the month 25,000 protesters gathered, again in Chisinau, calling for the unification of Moldova and Romania.