Mickey Guyton Blows 'Good Morning America' Crowd Away

Good Morning America co-host Amy Robach introduced "Better Than You Left Me," the current single by Mickey Guyton, who dropped by the morning show to perform Monday.
The radiant Guyton, decked out in a yellow sundress, was complimented by Robach on her big smile, with the host pointing out that the widespread critical acclaim she's received and the record-breaking success of the single, are no doubt helping put the smile on the Texas native's face.
Inspired by a difficult break-up, Guyton, one of Rolling Stones' Country Artists You Need to Know, penned "Better Than You Left Me" — with co-writers Jennifer Hanson, Jenn Schott and Nathan Chapman — during her first-ever Nashville writing session. Guyton's debut album is due this summer. She'll hit the road in June for a tour with Brad Paisley.